Supporting collaboration and networking among European Journalists

Journalists have an elementary function for a vivid democracy. However, in Europe and on a global level, journalism is experiencing deep structural change. Offering the European collaborative journalism programme, Toepfer Foundation and Arena for Journalism in Europe aim to support collaborative journalism and bringing together journalists from all over Europe.

Digitalisation, changing pattern of media consumption and shrinking confidence in the media is putting journalism under pressure. Media freedom is increasingly threatened in various countries. This impacts on the quality and diversity of the media ecosystem and urges to search for new journalistic methods and models. Most affected by the budgetary constraints are investigative research and the work of local and regional journalists.
At the same time, the number cross-border topics is further increasing as e.g. in the fields of environment, traffic, migration or organised crime. In view of this situation, cross-border collaboration appears as a solution to investigative journalism and to hold power structures accountable despite declining resources.

The Programme
The European collaborative journalism programme aims at providing know how and expert insights on cross-border collaboration. It addresses journalists from all fields with a special focus on local and regional media and encourages them to build up a network among each other, discuss collaborative methods and tools as well as reflect on their own professional practice. Participants get the possibility to further develop an own story and to receive feedback from experts and peers. Up to twenty journalists from all over Europe will meet at the foundations conference centre, followed by a second meeting at the EIJC&Dataharvest in Mechelen/Belgium.
Input is provided by experts from Arena, Hostwriter, Journalismfund, Investigative Europe and others. The programme is jointly offered by Toepfer Foundation and Arena for Journalism in Europe.

Dates 2020:
Feb 27-Mar 1 2020: Conference Centre Gut Siggen, Baltic Sea
Sep – Nov 2020: Digital Dataharvest 2020
May 27-30 2021:
EIJC&Dataharvest 2021, Mechelen, Belgium

Dates 2021: 
Feb 25-28 2021
: Conference Centre Gut Siggen, Baltic Sea
May 27-30 2021: EIJC&Dataharvest 2021, Mechelen, Belgium

The next call for application will be announced at the end of august.


Further Engagement in the field of journalism

European Crossborder Journalism Fellowship to attend GIJC19
The Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC19) took place in Hamburg from September 26.-29th 2019. Toepfer Foundation and Netzwerk Recherche teamed up to offer the European Crossborder Journalism Fellowship. Six journalists from Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Hungary could attend the conference after having successfully applied for the full-term fellowship.

Financial support to Riff Reporter 2018/2019
River Reporter, an online magazine to address the issue of rivers and European river deltas, was founded in 2018 under the roof of RiffReporter. Toepfer Foundation has supported the magazine in its initial phase with 20,000 €.  

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