Albrecht Dümling

The first KAIROS laureate was the musicologist Albrecht Dümling from Berlin in 2007. Since 1990 he has been chairman of the musica reanimata society, which campaigns for the rediscovery of composers who were persecuted by the Nazis and whose works were ostracised.

Albrecht Dümling was honoured especially for his services in the field of musicology and as a mediator of rediscovered composers who had been persecuted during the Third Reich and their works. As an organiser of exhibitions, publicist, advisor, and long-standing chairman of the musica reanimata society, he has directed the attention of concert professionals towards unjustly forgotten artists, and made their works accessible for musical performance. The work of the society – research, archiving, concert organisation – is still ongoing, and deserves public support.

The prize-giving ceremony took place in the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg on 28 January 2007.