The Alfred Toepfer Trust F.V.S. currently employs two full-time members of the board of management and nine members of staff at its head office on the Georgsplatz, as well as part-time and volunteer members of staff and interns. The Trust’s Elbe Building guesthouse and Gut Siggen Seminar Centre are run by technical and housekeeping staff.

The team works towards realising the Trust’s goals as set out in its charter. This is done mostly on its own initiative, meaning that the Trust acts as an independent institution that takes its own responsibility for realising projects and programmes, sometimes in collaboration with partner institutions. Additionally, the Trust grants individual funding on a smaller scale.

The Trust’s annual operating expenses of about 2.1 million euro are covered by its assets of about 88 million euro, which are invested mostly in bonds, real estate, and agriculture. More information is available in the Trust’s financial statement with accompanying explanations (see DOWNLOADS).