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Eligibility Conditions

In its work, the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. sees itself primarily as an operating foundation that initiates and implements its own projects and programs within the framework of its statutory purpose. It is open to partnerships and cooperations, but does not generally support third-party projects. It therefore does not have a formal application procedure. Exceptions to this are selected program-related federal funds, which are offered on a topic-specific basis within existing projects.

However, general funding applications may be considered in exceptional cases. This applies mostly where projects of others promise to contribute in a special way to the goals and program of the Foundation. The Foundation's Board of Directors has the option of approving individual grants, which as a rule do not exceed the amount of 5,000 euros.

In this case, a connection to the goals and the program of the foundation's work is mandatory. Experience has shown that projects in the areas of culture, Europe, and nature conservation that bring people together, are initiated or carried out on a voluntary basis, and/or are innovative are given priority. The Foundation's Board of Directors attaches particular importance to the promotion of young people and young adults, especially in their involvement with culture, education, science, history and social responsibility.

Generally excluded from this funding process are:

Grants for printing costs, book, CD or film projects, the coverage of budget gaps of existing projects, follow-up or default financing, individual grants for voluntary services abroad as well as institutional funding or grants for personnel costs.

In order for the board to make a decision, the foundation must be provided with informal but meaningful documents that clearly state:

  • content and purpose of the project

  • total costs of the intended project

  • expected income, including any expected funding from third parties, as well as the amount of the requested grant

Without intending to imply a claim for funding by the Toepfer Foundation, we would like to refer to the publication of the Stiftung Mitarbeit, which may be helpful in formulating a funding application: Successfully Acquiring Grants.

The Foundation endeavors to respond to such inquiries within four weeks. Unsolicited documents will not be returned.

Special funding opportunities are available for initiatives for future-oriented land use and for ideas and projects that deal with Europe politically, artistically and socially.


Marina Meyer Assistant to the Chairman of the Board

+49 40 33 402 – 10meyer@toepfer-stiftung.de