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Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. - Siggen

Seminar Center Gut Siggen

The seminar center Gut Siggen at the Baltic Sea is more than just a conference location of the Toepfer Foundation - it is a place for reflection and rethinking, for debates and disputations, for encounters with others and the encounter with oneself. The claim "to give space", which can be found in the program of the foundation, becomes reality here.

Siggen is an island in the gears of time. Remote, enchanted. Whoever comes here wants it that way, but must first be lucky enough to be invited by the Toepfer Foundation. And if it is a group of people who gather here, for whatever reason, on whatever topic, then one must assume that thinking and fantasizing in this place gives rise to very special thoughts, plans and intentions.
Anja Dauschek and Petra Kochen (inventors of the Wunderkammer in the Altona Museum)


Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. - Geschäftsstelle

Office in the Georgshof

The 12-member team of the Toepfer Foundation works in the office in the Georgshof. It is located on the second and third floors of a Kontorhaus in Hamburg's old town, built between 1905 and 1906. The building was acquired by Alfred Toepfer in 1968 and has been owned by the Foundation ever since. The office is where the day-to-day business is conducted and where the ideas for the Foundation's projects and programs are generated, which are also largely controlled from there. Friends and cooperation partners of the Foundation are gladly and regularly welcomed to the Foundation's premises.

Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. - Millerntorwache

Museum of Hamburg Stories

Hamburg's urban history can be experienced not only through exhibits in the museum or scholarly essays, but also through the oral tradition of stories and tales. The great storm tide, the myth of the sixty-eighters, the battle for Hafenstrasse, family secrets large and small, the transformation of neighborhoods, stories of migration and flight, the experiences of residents or newcomers with a connection to Hamburg - all this is waiting to be told and heard.

In the Millerntorwache, the classicist building between Planten un Blomen and Reeperbahn, there is therefore a place for telling and listening: The Museum für Hamburgische Geschichtchen. The stories are recorded and published on our YouTube channel, and some of them are also given to the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte for further use.

We also make the Millerntorwache available to third parties for artistic, narrative, reflective or other uses appropriate to the location.

Carl Toepfer Stiftung

Carl Toepfer Foundation

The Carl Toepfer Foundation is the sister foundation of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. It was also founded by Alfred Toepfer, but named after his father Carl. The foundation maintains a residential complex in Hamburg's Neustadt district, which Alfred Toepfer had built between 1968 and 1984. The complex consists of a rebuilt residential building, the former Beyling-Stift from 1751, and various reconstructions of old Hamburg town houses from the 17th to 19th centuries. Today, it provides space for 245 apartments, some with reduced rents for needy senior citizens. Beyond the preservation of historical monuments, the Carl Toepfer Foundation promotes art and culture, science, youth work, and the Low German language and literature.