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Alfred Toepfer F.V.S. - Eine Woche Zeit

What We Do

One week time

In cooperation with the German Journal for European Thought MERKUR, we make our seminar centre Gut Siggen available and offer space for focused work and open exchange of ideas.

As guests of the Foundation and thus free of costs for accommodation, meals and conference logistics, you can devote (almost) a week to a topic you would like to deal with intensively, undisturbed and away from institutional constraints. There are no binding content specifications - you set the topic, and you alone decide on the procedure and form. The only condition: The topic must convince us, it must be clear why it is worthwhile to think about the question you have raised and why a free seminar format is the appropriate forum for it.

One week of undisturbed time for free thinking and discussion

A group with a maximum of 24 participants will be given the opportunity to hold their own conference in Siggen from 9 to 13 October 2023. If required, we will support coaching on effective conference organisation and innovative conference formats by our partner Der Kongress tanzt. The Foundation covers the costs for accommodation, catering and conference logistics. The guests pay for their own travel expenses. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2023.

Past meetings


Uta Gielke Deputy Head of the Programme Department, Head of Programme Culture

+49 40 33 402 – 14gielke@toepfer-stiftung.de