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Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. - Art School Alliance

What We Do

Art School Alliance

Society needs impulses from artists, needs their critical, ironic, often surprising view of current events. In order to be able to develop ideas, artists in turn need space for creativity. That is why the Toepfer Foundation, together with the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, founded the international exchange programme Art School Alliance in 2010.

The scholarship programme now enables 24 international art students per year to live and study in residential studios for one semester each. Three factory floors in Hamburg's Karolinenviertel district were converted for this purpose. The studios offer space for creative work, individual and joint work and exchange between the residents with their very diverse experiences and perspectives. Students from the HFBK Hamburg act as mentors for their international fellow students and set off themselves in the following semester to gain international experience at one of the partner universities.

At the end of their six-month stay in Hamburg, the artists present their work to the interested public in open studios.

Art School Alliance is an initiative of the HFBK Hamburg and the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S. With the kind support of the Karl H. Ditze Foundation and SAGA GWG.


Mona Janning Programme Management Society

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