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Residential scholarship in the Elbehaus

The Toepfer Foundation's Elbehaus, which many of our partners and friends still know as our foundation's guest house, was reopened in a different form at the beginning of 2023 after a lengthy renovation phase. The house on Elbchaussee is now used as part of a residential scholarship that allows up to three scholarship holders to study and live there for two to six months at a time.

This enables up to three scholarship holders to live and study at the Elbehaus at the same time, giving them the opportunity to further develop their creative work while being integrated into the cultural, scientific and social life of Hamburg. In accordance with the Toepfer Foundation's statutes, only individuals who are active in the fields of art and culture, education, science, youth welfare, monument preservation, international understanding or nature conservation are supported.

The duration of a residential scholarship can be between eight weeks and six months. Scholarship holders are each provided with a private, furnished accommodation unit in the Elbehaus free of charge. The common rooms of the house can be used communally during the stay or individually by arrangement. In addition to the opportunity for undisturbed work and activities, the communal living together of the scholarship holders is intended to promote interdisciplinary exchange, dialog and encounters.


Greta Schlünz Head of Scholarships Programme, Head of Communications

+49 40 33 402 – 11schluenz@toepfer-stiftung.de