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What We Do

Living from art

The art market is undergoing a process of structural change. Globalization and digitization, monopolization, speculation and the new media are changing the once so conservative industry. To position oneself in this complex market requires a knowing and conscious decision for the "profession of artist". The prerequisites for success in the art and culture business are - in addition to the convincing work - a clear attitude, a professional external appearance and targeted communication.

The LIVING FROM ART Summer Academy provides young artists with basic knowledge about the art market and the profession of artist. The central theme of the academy is the development of a personal strategy for marketing one's own work.

Successful artists convince not only through their art, but usually also through cleverly thought-out marketing. But what exactly do successful artists do, what strategies lead to success? And which steps can be applied to anyone who works artistically?

As an artist, how can I manage to find customers for my work and develop an economic perspective? How do I position myself in the market? How do I approach potential clients, galleries, art agents or art consulting companies? What marketing can I do for myself and my work?

These and many other questions are discussed at the Summer Academy. In addition, a final one-on-one coaching session helps develop individual approaches.

The Summer Academy has been developed for artists who are still at the beginning of their career and who have decided to enter the art industry professionally after their studies or after intensive artistic work. Experienced mediators in the art market, such as gallery owners and art consultants, as well as top-class speakers and discussion partners from the world of art, foundations and the media pass on their experience and knowledge to the Academy participants. Intensive discussion rounds with all participants help to illuminate structures of the market and subsequently to develop their own orientation. For public perception, the company's own website and activities on social media platforms are important forums for self-presentation. At the Summer Academy, the necessary rules of the game are explained and recommendations for action are discussed.

The Summer Academy takes place every year at the Gut Siggen seminar center. It is conceived and led by art consultant and gallery owner Andrea Jacobi and gallery owner Holger Priess.


Uta Gielke Deputy Head of the Program Department, Program Management Culture

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