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What We Do

Local journalism

Workshop series for local journalists

Local journalism is under particular pressure: dwindling revenues due to falling advertising revenues, declining coverage, changes in media usage behavior and closed editorial offices are driving the downward spiral of basic media provision in many places. All these factors together are impairing the capacity and motivation for research.

We want to counteract this and, as a cooperation partner of CORRECTIV.Lokal, offer monthly online workshops to strengthen research and promote teamwork. The offer is aimed at all local journalists with an interest in research and is free of charge.

The workshops are recorded and are later available for individual viewing on the Reporter Factory website. Current event dates and their registration can be found on the CORRECTIV.Lokal website.

Baltic Sea Workshop


Due to the numerous positive feedbacks from last year, the Baltic Sea Workshop is going into the next round.

Together with our cooperation partner CORRECTIV.Lokal, we are once again offering journalists who have just founded a new local media outlet or are currently in the start-up phase the opportunity to discuss challenges and benefit from existing knowledge. For this purpose, we are making Gut Siggen available as a venue from September 6 to 8.

Registration must be made by June 23 via the CORRECTIV.Lokal website. There you will also find more information about the program.


From 7 to 9 September 2022, the Baltic Sea Workshop was held at Gut Siggen in cooperation with Netzwerk Recherche and Correctiv.Lokal.

This was aimed at all those who have newly founded a local media or are currently in the start-up phase. During the three days the possibility was created to share start-up knowledge, to exchange ideas and to develop new strategies together.

In addition, there were many short inputs, so that all participants can profit from already existing experience knowledge. These short presentations covered topics such as financing, legal protection and internal structuring.


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