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Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. - Millerntorwache

What We Do


The Millerntorwache has been home to the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichtchen (Museum for Hamburg stories) since 2013. On a sofa with coffee or tea, Hamburgers and visitors to the city can tell their stories and tales about Hamburg. Listening is also an important part of the storytelling museum and is mainly done by a team of volunteers. The stories are recorded and published on our YouTube channel and in individual cases also given to the Museum of Hamburg History for further use.

Use by third parties

We also make this special place between Planten un Blomen and Reeperbahn available for other uses - besides telling, remembering and listening as:

  • Free space for art and culture

  • Place for meeting, reflection, exchange

  • Lab, open space or showroom.

Do you have an idea for a use, are you interested in storytelling or listening? Get in touch with us!


Mona Janning Programme Management Society

+49 40 33 402 - 87janning@toepfer-stiftung.de